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“Bedikyan, as a composer and a musician, has achieved his personal best to date. The motifs he utilized in previous recordings, his intelligent inventiveness and charming virtuosity have all coalesced into a superb and mature work. If he stays the course Bedikyan is certainly assured a bright future and a promising career”

All About Jazz  / Hrayr Attarian


"Burak Bedikyan (while hinting in spots at McCoy Tyner and Bill Evans) shows a great deal of originality in both his playing and his writing. Leap Of Faith, an excellent example of modern jazz of today, is highly recommended"

LA Jazz Magazine / Scott Yanow

"Burak Bedikyan is one of the finest artists on the horizon. Leap of Faith is a positive reaffirmation that an artist can manipulate melody and take that harmonic road less traveled while moving past the technical pretentiousness that have so many improvisational musicians stuck in an overly pretentious rut"

Criticaljazz.com  / Brent Black

“A rock-solid set from pianist Burak Bedikyan – a player who seems to grow tremendously in the space between each new album! ”

Dusty Groove


February 3 : 8pm-10pm @ Manhattan Penthouse 5th Ave

Solo Piano

February 23 : 10:00pm @ The 55 Bar

Burak Bedikyan Trio





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"With a powerful technique flowing from the McCoy Tyner sound decorated with gestures towards Eastern modality while also drawing on the tradition of the Romantic composers the arranging and quartet’s spatial awareness always lets the music breathe here"

Marlbank Stephen Graham

" The Turkish Pianist's impressive debut album is steeped in modernist references. The trio tracks flow with contemporary lyricism."

 Financial Times / Mike Hobart


" Circle of Life is an interesting overture for the Turkish newcomer, but it sounds like there's much more in reserve"

 The Guardian / John Fordham

“Whether Bedikyan manages to break out with a fully distinctive sound in the future is open to debate, but this effort leaves no doubt that he's got the chops, taste and range to do so-here's hoping he lets more of his imagination run wild"

 Downbeat / Peter Margasak